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Hocking College



Hocking College was honored to receive recognition from the National Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education to be named as America’s Entrepreneurial School, the first community college to receive such recognition.

Hocking College focuses on entrepreneurship-oriented training for students to establish real-world, hands-on training in order to help them go into business for themselves. Hocking College has many entities that resignate the entrepreneurial spirit and bring in revenue, including:

How Our Students are Involved


Room Furniture

Each room features a rustic bed, vanity countertops and nightstands made from sustainably harvested oak and aspen trees on Hocking College’s Nelsonville campus. Timber Harvesting and Tree Care students, with their instructors, selected the trees and felled them for the project. After the students milled the timber, Hocking College alumnus Dale Bockrath began crafting the wood.


The Lodge serves as a live learning lab for students in the Hospitality & Events Management program. Learning and working at The Lodge gives our students real-world experience doing what they love.


Hotel Bar

The hotel bar will be stocked with beer, spirits and eventually wine made by the Fermentation Science students.



Just off our back patio, guests will be able to see some of Hocking College's vineyards — tended to by Agroecology students — where our wine originated.


Protecting Our Guests

We want to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible! This is why all guest rooms at The Lodge have an air ionization system installed on the PTAC unit, killing 98% of all airborne germs, including the COVID-19 Virus.